Web-Based Legislative Management Suite

Take care of all of your legislative tasks without the hassle of managing hardware.


Don't get lost in translation. Manage Committees, Vote, Stream Video and produce Agendas, Minutes in the languages of your choice.


In a mobile world you can access your data from anywhere.

Real-Time Public Information

Show the public what they need to see, when they need to see it.

Simultaneous Collaboration

10 Council Members, 1 Meeting Agenda, 0 Downloads.

Our Products

Committee Management

Easily manage boards, committees, and council. Seamless integration with agenda, minutes, and electronic voting.

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Manage Boards, Committees, Commissions, and Councils

Finally! A comprehensive committee management tool as smart as you.

Our committee manager gives you the power to easily track past and present board members, their positions, and their terms. Adding committee members to upcoming terms, and viewing predecessors all in one place allows you to be sure that you always contact the right person at the right time.

Once your committee is created, make sure no one misses a meeting! Create meeting types, and fill out basic meeting information. Once scheduled, committee members will automatically be notified about the meeting details.

Automated Agenda

Modify and manage your agenda within your web browser. No more waiting for background processes to build your agenda.

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Generate Meeting Agendas, Agenda Items, and Agenda Sections

Legislative management, meet the 21st century.

Build and format agendas right in your web browser. See instantly what your published agenda will look like, while simultaneously collaborating with others on the same agenda. No more waiting for your agend to compile, and no more complicated agenda templates.

Creating, editing, and publishing your agenda just became so easy, you'll wish you had more meetings to create agendas for. Now THAT is legislative management.

Real-Time Meeting Management

Record minutes, motions, and votes automatically. Interact with the public instantly, or share information on a need-to-know basis.

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Record Minutes, Motions, and Votes in Real-Time

Are we breaking new ground? Yes, but you deserve software that works as hard as you do.

Paper, pen, computer, repeat. End the deadly cycle with the ability to record minutes, motions, and votes all from your web-enabled device. Rest easy knowing that your records are safe, and available at a moment's notice. Ditch the pen and paper.

Take complete control over the meeting by dictating when and which records flow to the public. Then rule over voting by recording all votes yourself, or allowing the committee members to vote on their own web-enabled devices.

Video Streaming

Effortlessly stream meetings live to the public. Attach completed agendas with corresponding video links.

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Stream Live Video

Make your meetings not just by the people, but FOR the people.

Government needs civic participation. Without individuals in communities making their voices heard, then democracy turns to oligopoly. Our live streaming video makes it easier than ever for the members of your community to stay involved with the issues that matter to them.

Not only can your constituents be more engaged in their government, they can do it while watching meetings live in THEIR language. We have made streaming in multiple languages hassle-free. Just specify a language for each stream, and the respective videos are both created and archived for you. You get to focus on running the government, and we make sure the people for whom you are running it hear you.

Public Portal

Display documents, videos, and other legislative information on your site and social media accounts. Automatically archive information for instant public access.

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Connect Social Media and Government

Who said you weren't "hip"? The government just got social.

Okay, so maybe the kids don't say "hip" anymore, but they are on social media and now you are too. Automatically send messages to all or some of your social media accounts live during meetings. Prepare your government to be able to communicate with the leaders and constituents of the next generation.

PrimeGov's Public Portal solution doesn't just allow you to communicate over social networks, it also makes sure that you are ready as your constituents strive to stay informed. You can always be confident that citizens will be able to quickly find committee, meeting, agenda, and voting details whenever they need it.

Social media just got some new kids on the block.

Top Features

Complete Integration

With PrimeGov, your legislative management solution has been designed from the ground up so that every piece from Committee Management down to Video Streaming integrates seamlessly. This comprehensive integration allows you to quickly change between tasks without missing a beat. Add a meeting to a certain committee, and then finish meeting details without changing contexts.

True Collaboration

Have twelve copies of one meeting agenda saved on your desktop? You're not alone. The PrimeGov Document Manager eliminates the constant download and upload of a document that needs collaboration. All of your edits as well as those of your coworkers are applied in real time. View what changes have been made and by whom anytime.